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Abstracted from 61/12687 Court proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1739-1742.

1739-05-26Joseph Gugenheimb is discharged from protection due to his poverty.
1739-06-05Salomon Weyl Younger of Stühlingen and Salomon Auerbacher of Tiengen, horse trade.
1739-07-23Josel Gugenheimb; his protection is transferred to his son Marum Gugenheimb.
1739-12-16Menckhe Bloch, bad conduct in the Synagogue.
1740-10-12Frantz Antoni Fest, formerly Mencke Bloch, has converted to the Christian religion and got baptized in Rheinau. He files a claim to Marum Weyl Dick. The case apparently refers to the son Leehmann Weyl who is now interrogated.
1740-10-21Marumb and Salomon Weyl, sons of Sandel Weyl who had died in 1721.
1740-10-26Schmuli Weyl is sued for the payment of 600 florins.
1740-11-10Marumb Weyl Sandels Sohn against Lehemann Bickhert.
1740-12-02Faistel Gugenheimb, claim.
1740-12-16Claims by an apothecary in Schaffhausen against Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn, Josel Gugenheim, Marum Gugenheim, Faistel Gugenheim, Meyer Bloch Jung, Samuel Weyl Marum Sohn, Salomon Weyl Older, Jonas Weyl, Hayman Bickert.
1741-02-10Frantz Anthoni Vöst, baptized Jew, declares that his father (or cousin?) Menckhe Bloch has in 1710 loaned 50 fl. to Joseph Gugenheimb in Randegg.
1741-02-18The wife of Mayer Weyl in Horheim was fined for theft.
1741-03-03Faistel Gugenheim owns half a barn.
1741-03-06Elias Mayer of Gailingen, quarrel.
1741-03-08Marum Weyl Samuels Sohn is to take a purgating oath in the matter against Frantz Anton Vöst. The sons Lehemann Weyl and Moises Bloch (now dead) are mentioned.
1741-03-15Moyses Weyl is fined.
1741-04-06The debts of Isaac Bickert are described.
1741-05-05Schmuli Weyl, defendant.
1741-05-31Horse trade between Borch Neuburger, assistant of Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn, and Jacob Isaac Bloch from Baisingen.
1741-07-03Jonas Gugenheimb complains about the construction of a house next to his own.
1741-07-07Isaac and Abraham Pickhert, father and son, plaintiffs.
1741-07-28Joel Gugenheimb, plaintiff.
1741-08-18The Leib Gugenheim heirs, represented by the sons Jonas and Faistel Gugenheimb, complain about double taxation. The two Marumb Weyl Samuels and Sandels Sohn respond for the Jewish community.
1741-08-22Josel Gugenheim is fined.
1741-09-15Falck Levi, former Rabbi at the Jewish community, is to leave the town because his service has expired.
1741-10-17Falck Levi, complaint.
1741-10-27Seeligmann Gugenheim, horse trade matter.
1741-12-22Isaac Bickhert Lehmanns Sohn, complaint.
- The wife of Josel Gugenheimb is fined for verbal injuries.
1742-01-19Mannes Bloch, defendant.
1742-02-14Salomon Weyl Jünger is fined.
1742-03-02Isaac Weyl Dickers Sohn is fined.
1742-03-16Marumb Gugenheimb is fined.
1742-04-13Moises Weyl des Marum Weyl Samuels Sohn, questionable participation in a debt. Marumb Weyl Sandels Sohn and Josel Gugenheim respond for the Jewish community.
- Marumb Gugenheim des langen Josels Sohn was accepted into protection on 24 July 1739 and has married on 22 Feb. 1741.

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