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Abstracted from 61/12673: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1691-1693.

1683-02-28Mejer Pickhert at Stühlingen, creditor.
1683-05-29The Jews are fined for putting their cattle into other personsď stables. The following men are listed: Salomon at Horheim. Abrahamb here. Leub, Marum Weil Sandelďs son. Jossel. Lämbel. Isaac. Sanndel. Elias. Joseph Calmelinďs son. Marum Weyl at Untereggingen. Schmuli Seeligmannďs son. Mausche.
1691-09-19Jew Hürßel at Eberfingen took away a horse.
1691-10-01Mausche Jew is to pay 112 fl. to a merchant in Schaffhausen.
1691-10-18Sanndel Jewďs son Marum collects part of a claim owed to Marum Jew at Ichenhausen.
1691-11-14Sandel Jew has taken over the property of Georg Fettinget in Wangen.
1691-11-22Meyer Menckhenďs son sues Hans Stuckh.
1691-11-28Jew Jäckhel (Jägglin) at Horheim bought a goat and did not pay.
1691-12-04Jew Jäckhel (Jäggle) at Horheim is fined for not appearing before court
1691-12-14Baruch at Endingen buys a horse from the dominion.
1691-12-18Schmuli, Seeligmannďs son, ledger.
1692-01-07Jew Meyer Bloch of Gailingen, creditor.
1692-01-11Jew Löw, creditor.
- Jew Abraham of Stühlingen sells a cow.
- Jew Sanndel bought a quarter of a large farm in Untereggingen for 1400 fl.
- Marum Weil, Sandelďs son, creditor.
1692-01-16Jäckhlin Jew at Horheim, cow trace quarrel.
1692-01-23Jäckhoff Jew Calmelinďs son, security.
1692-01-26Meyer Pickhert, Lehmannďs son, creditor.
1692-02-06Jew Abraham, cession.
1692-02-18Sandel Weil at Stühlingen acknowledges a debt to J. von Gastel.
1692-02-28Mejer Bickhert in Stühlingen, ledger about a claim by his sisterďs child Schöna to Jacob Dobler.
- Jew Löw borrows money.
1692-03-04Jude Model, defendant.
- Abraham Jew, creditor,.
1692-03-07Elias Mejer in Stühlingen, cattle deal.
1692-03-13Christian Würth at Untereggingen cedes a claim to Jacob Schwarber to the folllowing persons: to Marum Weyl Jew at Untereggingen 80 fl., to Bäurlin, Kändel and Ehlen the children of Jew Calmelin 121 fl., and to Schmuli Calmelinďs son 54 fl.
- Judel and Marum Weil brothers were summoned.
1692-04-11Jew Löw at Stühlingen loans money.
1692-04-17Schmuli Gugenheimb Seligmannďs son, receipt.
1692-04-21David Meyer, Jäckhlinďs son, horse trade.
1692-04-25The heirs of Jew Menckhin at Stühlingen sell half a house which they have inhetited at Stühlingen and which was divided (or: assigned in a division of property) with their fatherďs brother Jackhle Jew, for 400 fl.
1692-04-27Jew Meyer, Abrahamďs son-in-law, at Stühlingen is fined.
1692-05-02Jew Jonas, Marumďs son, in Stühlingen bought a cottage and resold it for 350 fl.
1692-05-09Jew Leub at Stühlingen, ledger.
- Judel and Marum Weil brothers at Untereggenen send their protection fee.
1692-05-28Jew Sandel, creditor.
1692-06-09Schmuli Gugenheimb and Leub Gugenheimb as guardians of Schmuli Kalmelinďs children (sic!) Jäckhof Kalmelinďs son have made an agreement with their brother-in-law Salomon Gedeon of Hechingen, who files a claim in behalf of his wife, their sister. The defendants do now own property, so plaintiff may have a mortgage registered on their house. A quarrel between them and Joseph, Calmelins son, is being referred to the Jewish ceremonies.
- Salomon Gedeon of Hechingen buys a horse from the domiion.
1692-06-13Marum Weil at Untereggenen is fined for verbal injuries.
1692-06-17Meyer Jew Abrahamďs son-in-law, creditor.
1692-07-02The dominion sells cattle to Jäckhoff Jew Calmelinďs son.
1692-07-08Horse sale by the dominion to Sandel and Josel Jews here.
1692-07-18Sandel Weil der Junge at Stühlingen, creditor.
1692-07-23Inspection of a wall on which Model Weil Jew has been piling up dung for many years, and decision about a reconstruction and the expenses.
1692-07-29Jew Israel Uhlmann at Tiengen, horse trade.
1692-08-05Sandel Weil der Junge is sued to pay a horse.
- Sanndel Weil der Alte, Jew in Stühlingen, representing his mother, files a claim to Thebus Prackh of Eberfingen.
1692-08-08Josel Jew at Stühlingen is fined for verbal injuries.
1692-08-29Marumďs heirs, quarrel about a meadow they had once sold.
1692-09-05Claim by the widow of Schmuli Calmelin to the heirs of Jacob Schwarber.
- Quarrel between Jonas Marumďs son and bailiff Gissingerďs heirs.
1692-09-16Receipt by Sanndel Jew as guardian of the orphans of Jew Calmelin, towards Heinrich Hegelin of Mauchen.
1692-09-18Jäckhof Jew Calmelinďs son, cow trade.
1692-09-26Elias Meyer Jew Jäckhlinďs son, cession.
1692-10-31Jew Sandel, claim.
1692-11-06Jew Calmelinďs wife, claim.
1692-11-13Marum Meyer Jew at Ichenhausen, the brother of Sandel at Stühlingen, issues a receipt for payment according to the proceedings of 17.08.1691.
- Jew Meyer Bloch Menckinďs son, creditor.
- Sir Alexander Beyer zu feurigen Ofen in Schaffhausen surs several creditors, namely Mayer Menckinďs son, Isaac Bickhart, Meyer Blockh, Davidt Meyer, and Meyer Bickhert.
1692-11-17Leub Jew at Stühlingen, cession.
1692-12-09Jew Jäckhof Gugeum at Stühlingen is sued for payment
- Jew Jäckhof, Calmelinďs son, at Stühlingen, is sued for payment.
- Calmelinďs heirs are sued for payment. Jäckhof Calmelinďs son acknowledges half of the amount, and the heirs of Samuel Gugeum are due to pay the other half.
- Salomon Mayer Jew is sued for payment.
- Jäckhof Jew Calmelinďs son, debtor.
1692-12-10Jew Schmuli Gugeum Seeligmannďs son is sued for payment.
1692-12-12Same, ledger.
- Jr. Ziegler in der Färbin in Schaffhausen claims interest from the Jews in Stühlingen.
1692-12-18Leub Jew at Stühlingen buys a garden in Mauchen.
1692-12-23Jew Sandel Weil, creditor.
1693-01-09Jew Sanndel Weil, lodging contract for a year.
1693-01-16Jew Schmuli Gugeum Seeligmannďs son at Stühlingen, creditor.
- Jew Sandel, cession of a claim.
1693-01-19Jew Schmuli Seeligmannďs son at Stühlingen, creditor.
- Jew Schmuli Guggenum Seeligmannďs son at Stühlingen, creditor.
1693-01-21Marumďs widow at Stühlingen, horse trade matter.
1693-01-23Lämblin Weil at Stühlingen, claim.
1693-01-27Pretention to Jäckhof Jew Calmelinďs son.
- Same.
- Schmuli Jew Seligmannďs son, and Hürzel Meyer Jew at Eberfingen, agreement about a claim against a man who will leave the dominion.
1693-02-06Model Weil, ledger.
- Schmuli Jew Seeligmannďs son, cession.
- Jew Jäckhof, Calmelinďs son, agreement.
1693-02-07Jäckhel Jew in Stühlingen has bought a house from Schmuli Calmelinďs widow for 280 fl.
1693-02-10Moyses Bloch at Stühlingen, agreement.
- Josel Gugenheimb in Stühlingen, agreement.
1693-02-19Jew Leb, creditor.
1693-02-23Schmuli Gugeum Seeligmanďs son, bull trade.
1693-02-28Schmuli Jew Seelgmannďs son, creditor.
1693-03-03Abrahamb, creditor.
1693-03-04Schmuli Gugenheimb Seligmanďs son, creditor.
1693-03-10Jacob Rebmann and Jew Leub are fined for defraud in the Hegel bankruptcy matter.
- Schmuli Gugenheimb Seligmannďs son, claim.
1693-03-13Isaac in Schwaningen, debt matter.
- Leib Jew, creditor.
- Leub Jew, creditor.
- David Meyer Jew in Stühlingen, claim inherited by hs father-in-law Menckhen.
- Meyer Block Menggenďs son, creditor.
1693-03-16Jew Lämbel, agreement.
1693-03-27Jew Model has sold Jew Abraham a barn for 100 fl. Jew Jessel as the "cousin and brother-in-law" of the seller claims the right of first emption. Abraham responds that according to the Jewish ceremonies, the right of first emption does not support the relatives, but only the neighours of the seller (etc.).
1693-04-03Lemblin Jew at Stühlingen, defendant.
- Sanndel Jew, mortgage security.
1693-04-06Sanndel Jew, creditor.
- Hürzel Jew, horse trade.
1693-04-08Jackhoff and Joseph Calmelinďs sons, creditors.
- Cession by Jew Jäckhoff to his brother Joseph.
1693-04-10Abraham Jew, cession.
1693-04-14Verbal injuries by Mejer at Endingen, son-in-law of Araham at Stühlingen
- The heirs of Jew Marum claim payment.
1693-04-17Judel Weil at Untereggingen is fined for verbal injuries,
- Claim by Marumďs heirs.
1693-05-02Some Jews have sold horses into Switzerland which were sold further to France. These Jews are put into arrest and are to be kept there until they have paid 1000 Reichstaler fine.
- Marum Weil Jew, creditor.
1693-05-07Jew Sandele, creditor.
1693-05-08Elias Meyer, Jew at Hallau, horse trade.
- Leub Jew, cession.
1693-05-15Jew Lewb, creditor.
- Jäckhoff Jew Calmelinďs son, warranty.
- Jäckhoff, Calmelinďs son, debtor.
- Marum Weil, horse trade.
1693-05-16Schmuli Jew Seeligmanďs son, receipt.
1693-05-19Sandel Jew, creditor.
1693-05-26Model buys a claim.
1693-06-01Sandel is sued for payment.
1693-06-02Debts of Salomon.
- The customs (probably the revenues) are granted to Marum and Judel Weil brothers at Untereggingen.
1693-06-03Lämbel Jew, creditor.
- Marum Weil, creditor.
1693-06-08Meyer Pickhert Jew, creditor.
1693-06-09Judel Weil Hebrew is fined for damage caused by his horses.
1693-06-29Isac Bickhert and his son, verbal and physical injuries.
1693-07-02Abrahamb Jew, receipt.
1693-07-03Abrahamb Jew, creditor.
- Mejer Bickhert Jew, receipt.
1693-07-08Model Jew, agreement.
1693-07-31Abrahamb Jew, agreement.
1693-08-05Leub Jew, confiscated goat.
1693-08-07Sandel Jew takes a mortgage.
1693-08-20Annual customs flat rate for Baruch at Endingen in Baden County.
1693-08-28The wife of Leub Jew is fined.
- Georg Gromann owes 100 fl. to the heirs of Marum Jew. Jonas, representing his mother and the other heirs, claims instant payment.
- Similar matter.
1693-09-08Jew Sandel, agreement.
1693-09-11Schmul Gugeum Seeligmannďs son, creditor.
- Schmul Gugeum Seeligmannďs son, agreement.
- Schmuli Gugenheimb, claim.
- Schmuli Gugenheimb, ledger
- Meyer Pickhert, claim.
1693-09-25Installment dates for payments by the heirs of Jew Marum to Heinrich von Waldkirch, administrator of Allerheiligen monastery in Schaffhausen.
1693-09-29Sandel Jew, agreement.
1693-10-07Jäckhoff Jew, creditor.
- Jäckhof is fined.
1693-10-29Negotiation with Jew Sandel about a quarter of the Angst estate.
1693-11-02Salomon Jew, creditor.
1693-11-23Jossel and Mausche Jews are willing to pay.
1693-12-16Elias Jew, horse trade.
1693-12-18David at Eberfingen.

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