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Abstracted from 61/12755 Court proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1692.

1692-06-29Marumďs heirs have sold a meadow to Martin Stamm at Schlaitheim.
1692-07-18Sandel Weyl the young at Stühlingen, defendant.
1692-07-23The Lipp Dobler heirs complain that Model Weyl has been piling up his dung on their barn wall and is thus destroying the wall. The matter is inspected, and it was found that the logs and bricks were ruined.
1692-07-29Israel Uhlmann at Tiengen, foal trade.
1692-08-16Joseph, Calmelinďs son, ledger.
1692-08-19After the death of Jäggln at Horheim, his brother-in-law Meyer, Lehemannďs son, appears at the office to make a ledger.
1692-08-26Sandel Jew.
1692-09-05Claim by the widow of Schmulin Kalbelinďs son.
- Claim by Jonas Marumďs son here.
1692-09-16Receipt by Sandel as guardian of Calmlinďs children.
1692-09-18Jackhof, Calmelinďs son, cow trade matter.
1692-10-31Claim by Jew Sandel.
- Sandel, ledger.
1692-11-06Claim by the wife(!) of Schmuhli Calmelin.
1692-11-13Receipt by Marum Majer at Ichenhausen, the brother of Sanndelďs wife here, for 70 fl. due to an entry of 17.08.1691.
1692-11-14Davidt Maier and Mayer Bickhert, agreement about down payment of their debts.
1692-11-17Leob, cession.
1692-12-09Sir Johann Rudolph Schalckh of Schaffhausen sues Jäckhoff Guggeum and Jäckhoff Calmelinďs son for payment. He also sues Calmelinďs heirs for payment of 9 fl. Jäckhoff Calmelinďs son is willing to pay half of it and the heirs of Samuel Gugeum the other half. Same sues Salomon Mejer.
1692-12-10Schmuli Gugeum Seeligmannďs son, claim.
1692-12-12Schmuli Gugeum Seeligmannďs son, ledger.
1692-12-18Leub Jew in Stühlingen buys a garden at Mauchen.
1692-12-23Sandel Weyl, creditor.

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