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Abstracted from 61/12681: Protokolle des Oberamts Stühlingen, 1723-1724.

1723-10-15Marum Gugenheimb.
1723-10-18Marum Weyl, complaint upon a horse trade, long matter.
1723-11-05Complaint by Josel Gugenheimb called Langjosel.
1723-11-16Jonas Gugenheimb.
1723-12-03Elias Mayer, claim.
1723-12-10Claim by the heirs of Abraham in Rixen, Alsace, with Salomon Mayr as a messenger and Marum Weyl as a legal representative, and with referece to the proceedings of 04.09.1722.
1724-01-04Mayr Bloch, Isaac Bickhert, and Mayrle Bloch are fined.
1724-01-11Mayr Bloch, debtor.
1724-01-18Mayr Bloch "Young", debtor.
1724-01-21Elias Mayer owes 113 florins to Jäkhele, Vögele, Esther, and Münckhele, children of his deceased brother Isaac Mayer in Baisingen.
- Marx Mayer.
1724-02-02Faisel Gugenheimb.
1724-02-18Josel Gugenheimb.
1724-03-03Jonas Gugenheimb is fined for swearing at his soul.
1724-03-10David, singer.
1724-03-21Lang Josel has offended Jopperle Gugenheimb from Randegg in the inn after having heard that Jopperle has charged him of fish theft in the house of his father-in-law Leib.
1724-04-07Leib Gugenheimb is sued for tossing his waste into a nearby ditch (a long matter).
1724-04-18Penalty for Sara Weyl, wife of Jonas Gugenheimb.
1724-05-09Jonas Gugenheimb, claim.
1724-05-19Salomon Weyl has taken over a claim, dating of 21.01.1700, from his father-in-law Leib.
1724-06-02Schmuele Weyl, claim in behalf of his sister.
1724-07-14Jonas Gugenheimb buys a house next to Meyer Bloch.
1724-08-02Nightly attack upon Meyer and Mencke Bloch.
1724-09-12Jonas Guggenheimb, as on 14.07.1724.
1727-01-27Penalty of Mayer Weyl.

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