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Abstracted from 61/12756c: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, concept, 1699.

1699-03-20Leib Jew acknowledges payment.
1699-03-27Abraham and Lemblin Jews, transfer of a claim.
1699-04-03Margam, widow of Marum, transfers a claim of 3 fl. to Leib Jew.
1699-05-05Marum Juden Sandels Sohn claims 145 fl.
- Leib Jew cedes a claim to his son Feistel.
1699-05-22Jew Sandel claims 62 fl.
1699-06-15Isaac Marx of Haigerloch is engaged with Küenel, daughter of late Jew Callmelin. As long as two years ago, her brother Joseph has promised before (vor) the Jewish Ceremonies to pay Marx 500 florins which his future wife has inherited (Erbgut).
- After a quarrel, they agree that Joseph will pay 300 florins plus two belts of 24 Lot (probably silver) (a long matter).
1699-07-31Jacob Bertsche, innkeeper in Möhringen, claims 16 fl. from Jew Jossel (Josslen) here.
- Marum Jew cedes a claim of 100 fl to Sir Johann Jörg Oschwaldt of Schaffhausen.
1699-09-30The following Jews purchased trespassing for a year: Samuel of Donaueschingen 2.25 fl. Ephrem of that town 2.25 fl. Israel and Samuel of Tiengen 3 fl.
- Marum Weil of "Unterleingen", quarrel after a horse trade.

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