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Abstracted from Geldrechnung Stühlingen 1695/96 (partially undated).

1695-01-0122.04/1696 Protection fee paid by the following at Stühlingen: Elias Jackhlin`s son. David Jackhlin`s son. Lew Jonas` son. Jackhlin Jew. Sandel Weyl. Marum Weyl. Salomon Jäckhlin`s son. Joseph Calmelin`s son (half fee). Meyer Menckin`s son. Mauschi Marum`s son-in-law. Jossel Marum`s son. Lemli Jew. Isac Schmulin`s son.
- Schmuli Seligman`s son. Meyer Lehemann`s son. Model Jew. Abraham Jew. At Eberfingen: Hürtzel Jew. David Jew. Jekhoph Calmelin`s son. At Untereggingen: Judele Weyl. Marum Weyl. At Horheim: Salomon.
- Samuel Jew at Lauchringen. Israel Ulman of Tiengen.
1696-01-01Jew Sandel was granted to collect Jewish trespassing fee for a flat rate of 20 fl. only, after he complained about the previous amount.
- Penalty of Jossel Jew.
- Same of Schmuli Seligman`s son for lying.
- Same for Meyer Bickhardt for using a forged coin.
- Same for Salomon Sandel`s son for brawl.
- Same for Jew Marum at Untereggingen.
- Same for Joseph Calmelin`s son. Jekhoph. Isac Bikharth. Mausche. Jossel. Lew. Marum. Salomon Sandel`s son. Jossel again.
- Same for Jekhoph Calmelin`s son. Joseph Calmelin`s son. Jossel Jew.
- Lemle supplied ribbon and cloth.
- Marum Sandel`s son and Jossel Jew were paid 180 fl. for horses, and Sandel Jew 65 fl. for a horse.

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