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Abstracted from 61/14178: Proceedings of the Stühlingen Municipal Court, 1728-1745.

1728-01-19Leib Gugenheimb protected Jew sells Martin Buntenrauw in Schwaningen two fields for 106 fl.
- Mathias Schellenbuch alderman representing weaver Johannes Büche sells protected Jew Joseph Gugenheimb a house in Stühlingen for 318 fl. The location is described by the names of the neighbours.
- Rudolph Würth(?) alderman representing Jossel Gugenheimb Jew sells a meadow for 70 fl.
- Jonas Gugenheimb sells a field for 50 fl. to Hans Weissenberger of Eberfingen.
1730-02-23Hanns Petter Krettler representing Meyer Gugenheimb sells a meadow.
- Johann Beringer, alderman, representing mayor Hans Faller, sells Marum Weyl, protected Jew in Stühlingen and Donaueschingen, the house above the lower well with barn, stable, all belongings and a Baulege, bordering at top to Johannes Schelderle, at bottom to the Church Lane near the school house, at front to the main lane (Hauptgaß) at the well, at rear to the small lane towards the town church (hinten an das Gäßle gegen der Stadtkirchen), plus a vegetable garden yonder the Upper Gate, bordering to the road to Eberfingen (etc.), for 937 fl. After this sale was agreed, Frantz Anthoni Faller, a son of seller, has applied for the right of first emption which has been granted him by the district office. Appeal was filed to the Fürstenberg-Stühlingen government, but before a sentence was made, the two parties have made an agreement whose background is hidden to the court, whereas Frantz Anthoni Faller refrained from his right and Marumb Weyl has, upon interposition of bailiff Frantz Anthoni Michels, paid Faller 200 fl. for such a renounciation and 15 fl. "discretion" for the wife, so the sale was made for 1152 fl. which Marum Weyl paid cash on the spot.
- Meyer Bloch here representing his step-son Raphael Gugenheimb in Endingen sells Faistel Gugenheimb as a representative of his son Meyer Gugenheimb a house between the house of Meyer Bloch and the barn of Sir Stewart (Burgvogt) Megglin, with a Baulege in front and a vegetable garden behind the house, for 280 fl. cash, besides a men´s and a woman´s chair in the Synagogue (uncertain if this was part of the sale or part of the payment).
- Feistel Gugenheimb representing Marx Meyer and his father Elias sells Christoph Krettler the lands which were acquired on 05.10.1728 from (probably bankrupt) Jacob Grieninger, for 395 fl.
- Faistel Gugenheimb representing Kayla Gugenheimb, wife of Mauschi Bloch, sells Meyer Bloch as representative of his son Mencke Bloch the upper half of a house between Jonas and Meyer Gugenheimb, bordering at the rear to the garden and at the front to the common lane, plus a Baulege and a vegetable garden behind the house, and two mens´ and (probably two) womens´ chairs in the Synagogue, for 400 fl. cash.
- Johannes Schelderle, alderman, representing Hans Jacob Kohl in Schwaningen, sells a piece of forest to Jew Jonas Gugenheimb for 20 fl.
1730-03-01Johannes Schelderle alderman representing Jonas Gugenheimb sells several fields for 200 fl.
1730-03-04Hans Martin Faller representing Jonas Gugenheimb sells a field for 90 fl.
1734-01-21and another meadow for 50 fl.
- Jacob Schölle as an assistant of the Leib Gugenheimb heirs sells a meadow for 72 fl.
1734-01-25Johannes Schölderle representing the heirs of Leib Gugenheimb sells half of a claim to a meadow for 10 fl.
- Abrahamb Grieninger alderman representing the Leib Gugenheimb heirs sells a piece of land for 30 fl.
- Same for 25 fl.
- Johannes Beringer, alderman, as representative of Christoph Beringer sells Lehmann Weyl Jew here, represented by Johannes Schölderle, half a house next to Franz Anthoni Faller with a barn and a stable, between the narrow lane (Gäßle) and the street, bordering at the bottom to Beringer´s stable, for 340 fl. cash.
1734-04-05A decree that all sales are to be reported to the mayors who are to inform those who may claim the right of first emption, as sales have sometimes been inscribed four, five or more years late and such right could not be claimed after such a long time.
1739-02-17Mayor Rudolph Würth sells Hans Martin Faller as representative of Schmuly Weyl Jew here his stable in the Jewish corner (Judenwinkel) and a Baulege, as much as Salomon Weyl Ältere owns (innehat), (the Baulege) as wide as the stable, for 139 fl. cash and a horse (or maybe the sale just includes the claim to this object).
1739-02-25Johannes Albickher representing Schmuli Weyl here sells a field in Schwaningen for 113 fl.
- Antoni Güntert representing Jonas Gugenheimb here sells a piece of forest for 25 fl.
- Johannes Schlatter representing the heirs of Lew Gugenheimb here sells a meadow for 36 fl.
- Same representing Jonas Gugenheimb here sells a field for 37 fl.
- Johannes Albicker as representative of Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn sells a meadow for 110 fl.
- Hans Jacob Reebmann representing Marumb Weyl sells a field for 30 fl.
1739-02-28Johannes Güntert representing Jonas Gugenheimb and Hans Bucher sells a meadow and a field for 24 fl.

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