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Abstracted from 61/12669: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1674-1681.

1674-01-26Lechmann Jew as an heir of Hürzlen, mutual account.
- Kellmele Jew, claim.
- The heirs of Mauschele in Tiengen, mutual account.
1674-02-08Claims by Menckhe and Kallmele.
1674-02-14Petty claims by Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son, Fromele and Sandel.
1674-02-20Seeligmännlin claims 23 fl.
1674-02-22Jonas, debt with reference to the proceedings of 07.02.1669.
1674-03-02Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son has sold a small house and garden for 120 fl.
1674-03-14Michael Morath, surgeon in Bonndorf, is fined 10 pounds for driving over a Jewish boy on the overland road.
1674-04-05Claim by Keuffas with reference to the proceedings of 26.01.1673.
- Claim by Seeligmann Jew.
1674-04-26Schmuell Jew, mutual account.
1674-07-06Jonas Jew, mutual account.
- Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son acknowledges payment.
1674-10-07Lehemann Jew Hirzlen´s son is fined for letting one piece of cattle run unattended.
1674-10-26Simon Maus, a Jew of Tiengen, claims payment.
1674-11-08Menckhe Jew, mutual account with reference to the proceedings of 20.11.1670.
1674-11-15Marum Jew in Stühlingen, several claims.
1674-11-29Kallmele claims payment.
1674-12-13The files of a complaint or lawsuit (against?) Sandel for forgery are in the district repository.
1675-02-19Mayr and Leehmann, both unmarried Jews in Stühlingen, are fined a pound each for brawl.
1675-05-20Model has rendered payment.
1675-07-12Leimblin of Tiengen, with reference to the proceedings of 18.04.1673.
- The heirs of Jägglin/Jaggli in Stühlingen, several mutual accounts.
- Mayerle, Judele and Jos, three Jews from Ettenheim who have rescued here, are to pay 1 fl. 12 Kreuzer protection fee per week as long as they remain here. Kauffmann Jew from Ettenheim also is to pay 24 Kreuzer per week.
1676-01-14Calmele Jew, mutual account.
1676-01-27Lehemann Jew Hirtzlen´s son and Seeligmann Jew, mutual accounts.
1676-01-30Hirzlen Jew, quarrel after a horse trade.
- Samuel claims payment for a house.
1676-02-10Jagglin Jew Menckhe´s brother, horse trade.
1676-03-23Marum Jegghoff´s son, Seeligmann, Jonas, and Jagglin Mayr Menckhe´s brother appear among the creditors and debtors of Ursula Haym, widow of Johannes Ambrosy.
1676-04-08Lew of Stühlingen is fined 10 pounds for buying stolen property.
1676-06-30Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son has been paid.
- The widow of Jägglin Jew the Old was paid.
- Kallmele acknowledges payment.
1676-07-20Elias Wulff, a Jew from Wangen on Lake Constance, is fined 3 pounds because he threw a silver cup towards Cossiel but missed him and excused by saying he meant another person. Sandel declared himself liable for payment.
1676-08-26Agreement between Kalmele Jew on one side and Lehmann and Seeligmann Jews in the other side about the sale of a house and garden.
1676-11-23Johannes Schölderlin is fined 40 Reichstaler for beating/striking Kalmele on the head.
- Similarly, Hans Georg Newenburger was fined 40 Reichstaler for beating Scholum Jew by a gun, and was ordered not to start any further quarrels with the Jews.
1676-12-01Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son acknowledges payment of the claims of his daughter who is married in Metz.
- Sandel has been paid and is to be paid.
1676-12-09Model Jew as powerholder of Isac Jew in Endingen acknowledges payment of 150 fl.
1676-12-10Calmele Jew acknowledges payment.
1677-01-08Hanns Schalch of Eberfingen sells house, barn and other real estate. The following Jewish claims are pending upon this: The heirs of Menckhe and Hürtzlen of Eberfingen 244 fl. Marum Jew of Stühlingen 20 fl. Model Jew of Stühlingen 6 fl. Other claims which are not secured by mortgages: Menckhe and Hertzlin Jews 42 fl. Menckhe´s heirs 13 fl. Hirtzlen Jew 20 fl. Jonna Jew in Stühlingen 3 fl. Kallmele Jew in this town 3 fl.
1677-01-22Lew Jew claims 6 fl.
1677-01-28Johann Schölderlin has wounded Callmele Jew and is to pay 12 florins penalty and the medical expenses.
- Jägglin Mayr representing the heirs of Menckhe makes a mutual account with Jacob Güntert.
1677-02-12Marum Jew in Stühlingen has bought a small field.
1677-03-22Kallmele is to be paid by hay this summer.
- Abraham Jew of Stühlingen claims 22 fl.
1677-06-10Marum Jew Jeckhoff´s son sold several fields.
1677-07-15Marum Jew Jagghoff´s son acknowledges payment.
- Cassiel Jew has paid 100 florins penalty cash and the other 100 florins by ceding several claims.
1677-08-05Matheis Manz, carpenter, is fined for verbal injuries against Model Jew.
1678-01-02A debt of Schohlom of Hechingen is transferred.
1678-02-01Seeligmann Jew buys a field for 110 fl.
1678-02-18Lämblin Weyl of Stühlingen claims 52 fl. for a horse and gets a meadow.
1678-03-18Seeligmann Jew claims 188 fl. and gets a claim of 208 fl. for payment.
1678-07-05Model Jew as powerholder of Kayffa acknowledges payment.
1678-10-29Kallmele Jew has been fined 127 fl. by the Landgrave for certain talks (verbal injuries?).
1679-01-07Marum Jew Jeggoff´s son has bought a field for 15 fl.
1679-02-03Hürtzlen Jew Lehmann´s son is fined three pounds for beating his brother Mayr by the fist. Same Hürtzle is to pay 23 fl. for a horse on pain of execution.
1679-02-16Marum Jew, transfer of a claim.
1679-03-02Mayr Jew Lehemann´s son claims payment of 265 fl.
1679-04-20Hans Georg Faller, butcher´s servant, is finded six pounds for starting quarrels with the Jews.
1679-04-21Abraham Jew claims 28 fl.
1679-05-04Kallmele Jew acknowledges payment.
1679-05-25Marum Jew claims 60 fl.
- Seeligmann Jew claims 64 fl.
- Aberhamb Jew sells a cow for 18 fl.
1679-06-08Small payments to Aberhamb, Kallmele and Lew.
1679-07-06Decision in a horse trade quarrel between Marum Gugenum Jegoff´s son in Stühlingen and Adam Aichkörn of Lembach.
- Callmele Jew claims 34 fl.
1679-07-18Isaw servant of Jew Model is fined for picking up peres in a garden.
1679-09-29A bloody brawl occurred between Jews Model, Abraham and Sandel, and some butchers.
1679-12-06The son of Jew Isac is sued after a horse trade.
1679-12-12Veit Weil, Jew auf der Hofwiese, is sued after a horse trade.
1679-12-14Jüdle Weyhl von der Hofwiese, horse trade.
1679-12-15Marum Gugenum has sold a cow which got sick.
1679-12-20Veit Weil auf der Hofwiese is sued after a horse trade.
1680-01-15Veit Weil auf der Hofwiese is sued after a horse deal.
- The brothers Salomon and Veit Weil von der Hofwiese and two Jews from Klingnau have attacked the forester and beaten him bloody.
1680-01-16They are fined 100 Reichstaler for this.
1680-01-18Mayer Beckhert Jew here sues Jacob Gintert for payment of 30 florins.
- Marum Gugenum Jew is to secure a debt of 350 florins to Sir Heinrich von Waldkirch or the Sayler heirs.
1680-01-25Calmele Jew, agreement about a claim.
- The heirs of Jew Marum of Tiengen are creditors to the estate of Jacob Leiber.
- Decision in the matter between Seligman and Mayer Jews of Stühlingen against Adam Protz.
1680-02-06Sandel Jew, agreement about payment of 84 fl.
1680-02-08Marum Jew of Stühlingen, claim.
- Marum, agreement after a bull trade.
- Marum is to pay 72 fl.
1680-03-14Marum Gugenum again claims payment of 14 fl.
- Lew Jew of Stühlingen asks to enregister a claim.
1680-03-18Jonas and Calmele acknowledge payment.
1680-03-21Lew Jew claims payment for a bull.
1680-03-26Samuel Weil Jew auf der Hofwiese is sued after a horse deal.
1680-04-01Hans Berger of Mauchen owes Lew Jew 48 fl.
- Calmele claims payment for a bull.
1680-04-04Seeligmändlin, same.
1680-05-08Isac Bickhert, agreement about a claim.
1680-05-09Hans Jerg Merckhle promises to pay a debt to Jews Sandell Weil and Abraham of Stühlingen soon.
- Isac of Lenglau claims payment.
1680-05-17Vohl Bickhert Schmuhlins Sohn, quarrel after a horse trade.
1680-05-23Abraham of Stühlingen, claim.
1680-05-24Jeckhov Marum Jew´s son, claim.
1680-06-05Marum Jew owes 100 fl. for a horse.
1680-06-13Abraham Jew, deposited bull.
1680-06-21Abraham Jew is to be paid.
1680-07-04Claims by Abraham and Calmele with reference to the proceedings of 21.04.1679, 25.05.1679 and 06.07.1679.
1680-07-20Davidt Jew is to pay 20 Reichstaler for a horse.
1680-09-05Jew Meyerlin, horse trade matter.
1680-09-27Abraham is paid 22 fl.
1680-09-28Jew Sandel hands over a bond of 110 fl. to pay for a horse.
- Calmele is being paid.
1680-10-03Marum Jew is paid 60 fl.
- Samuel Schmuli´s son is fined 6 pounds for offending a term in the letter-of-protection.
- Benedict Jew of Ofteringen, quarrel after a horse sale.
1680-10-04Philipp Iseli of Dresselbach declares that Jew Veith Weihl has stopped him on the road and forced him to a horse trade which he (plaintiff) did not want.
1680-10-25Schmuli, quarrel after a horse trade.
1680-10-31Marum Weihl of Endermettingen, same.
1680-11-19Davidt Meyer is to pay a horse which he bought at the Zurzach fair.
1681-01-02Jäcklein Lehman´s son-in-law in Horheim has taken stolen clothes as a pawn and is fined 10 pounds.
1681-01-16Jew Model is sued after a cow trade.
- Jew Hirtzel, quarrel with Jerg Schnitzer.
- Calmele acknowledges payment of 76 fl.
1681-01-23Model Weil, same matter as before.
1681-01-30The heirs of late Menckhe Jew, questionable claim.
1681-02-06Callmele will be paid.
- Callmele claims payment of 63 fl.
1681-02-10Felix Nüsslin of Lempach owes payment to Jew Marum
- and to Jew Abraham.
1681-02-13Salomon Jew of Tiengen, representing his wife Dina, acknowledges payment.
1681-02-25Sandel Jew, transfer of a claim.
1681-02-27Jägle Meyer Menckhin´s brother of Stühlingen claims payment.
- Lew is to be paid.
- Abraham Bickert of Stühlingen, mutual account.
1681-03-06Kallmele claims payment of 110 fl.
- Sheriff Simon Prackh of Eberfingen is fined for beating Jew Veith Weil von der Hofwiese.
1681-03-08Agreement between the community of Horheim and the Jews Salamon and Jäggle in that village about the annual fees and the use of the pasture and the forest.
1681-03-11Mutual account between Thebus Albickher and Jews Model, Seeligmann, Abraham, Callmelin, Mayer Menckhin´s son and finally Marum.
1681-03-13Salomon of Tengen claims payment for his wife. He is to present his business book. According to an entry of 1678, debtor´s father became due 19 florins to the wife´s predecessor (in marriage?) Cassiel.
- Meyerle Menckhen´s son claims payment.
- David Mayer of Eberfingen claims payment.
- Callmele of Stühlingen, mutual account.
- Isaac of Stühlingen, claim.
1681-03-17Jäggle Gugenum has acquired a claim of 75 fl.
1681-04-17Callmele, several claims.
1681-04-22Abraham Jew rents an appartement for two years.
- Seeligmann Meyer Leheman´s son and Isac, both of Stühlingen, claim payment of 300 fl. capital and 250 fl. interest.
1681-05-05Schmuli Jew claims payment.
1681-07-04Judele Weil von der Hofwiese, horse trade matter.
1681-07-07Schmuli Jew, horse trade matter.
- Meyer Menckhin´s son, same.
1681-07-10Abraham Jew, claim.
- Schmuli Jew called Gugenum is to pay 19 fl.
- Seeligmann is to be paid.
1681-07-24Jew Meyer of Stühlingen, quarrel about deposited cattle.
- Callmele sues the flayer to get a hide.
1681-07-29Davidt Meyer acknowledges payment.
1681-08-08Horse trade of Callmelin´s son Jeckhoff.
- Callmele is fined 1.5 pounds for slaughtering a sheep before the Sunday service.
1681-09-02Jew Weihl von der Hofwieser and Marum´s son Joseph were offended while staying in Untereggingen overnight.
1681-09-16Sandel and Schmuli have settled a quarrel about a claim before their Rabbi. The one who violates this agreement is to pay 30 Reichstaler to the dominion.
1681-09-18Callmele Jew is fined for tearing his brother Seeligmännle around at the hair without a reason.
1681-09-26Schmuli Jew Callmelin´s son has borrowed money from Jacob Schulsinger Jew in order to pay a debt and set jewelry as a pawn. Appears Schmuli´s wife and says this is her property. The oldest Jews in town, namely Seeligmännlein and Abrahamb, are interrogated about the Jewish laws about the wife´s dowry.
1681-10-01A boy is fined for stealing from the boy of Salomon.
1681-10-10Callmelin, mutual account. He transfers 30 florins of the remaining claim to his son-in-law Jeckhoff Gugenum as a dowry.
- Marum Jew, claim in behalf of late Lämel Jew.
1681-11-28Marum Jew borrows 127 fl.
1681-12-04Davidt of Eberfingen promises to pay 11 fl.
- The mayor of Stühlingen sues several Jews to pay their protection fees, after the arrears have increased to a considerable amount. This includes Lemble Weihl (the others are not listed by name).
- Abrahamb is to be paid.
- Sandel Jew is to pay 800 fl.
- Callmele is to be paid.

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