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Abstracted from Beilagen zur Stühlinger Geldrechnung 1692/93 (partially undated).

1692-09-26Messengers wages. The receipts include a description of the walks or rides, but not their purpose. A receipt by Hans Adam Lang, for trips to Engen and Schaffhausen bears two lines of Hebrew text.
1692-12-21Includes a receipt for 300 fl. obtained from Sandel Weyl of Stühlingen in Augsburg,
1693-01-01Includes a receipt, dated Vienna 03.02.1693, for 500 fl. obtained from Jacob Dreyfueß at Gailingen through Joseph Gugenheimb, Samuel Oppenheimer`s son-in-law "here" (probably in Vienna).
- Receipts for travel expenses (nothing connected with an investigation on murder).
- Criminal expenses (Malefitzkosten). Includes just expenses for catching and boarding vagabonds.
1693-03-02Sale of horses and cattle. Includes a receipt by Jew Marum Sandel`s son, for horse deal,

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