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Abstracted from Beilagen zur Stühlinger Geldrechnung 1691/92 (undated).

1692-01-01Receipt by Marum Gugenheim, with three lines of Hebrew text.
- Receipt issued at Zurzach with three lines of Hebrew text, an appended ledger with Marum Jew at Endingen, and a deed mentioning Jew Ambsel at Weißenburg (with Hebrew text again).
- Purchase of jewelry from Jew Lazarus at Pfersee.
- Sandel Weyler Jew at Stühlingen signs a receipt for 150 fl. out of 1000 fl. due from the Landgrave.
- Jew Lembele supplied a goose.
- Jew Jögel Meir supplied a goose.
- Jew Leibel supplied a goose.
- Expenses for a trip to Zurzach, to make a leder with Jew Marum at Endingen. The list mentiones messengers sent by Jew Sandel.
- Receipt of Elias at Stühlingen after horse trade.
- Receipt by the hangman for cleaning the tower.

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