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Abstracted from Geldrechnung Stühlingen 1680/81 (undated).

1681-01-01Jewish protection fee (18 fl. each) is paid by the following in Stühlingen: Sandel. Meyerlin Menckhin`s son. Jonas. Lew Jonas`son. Calmelin. Marum Jeckhov`s son. Jäkhlin Menkhin`s brother. Meyer Jew Lehman`s son. Seeligmann. Schmulin. Lämblin Seeligmann`s sonin-law. Abrahamh. Model. Isaac Schmulin`s son. Hürtzel Lehmann`s son. Abrahamb from "Ettenen" (apparently Ettenheim). Every one of them also paid 1 fl. instead of supplying a goose.
- (continued) Hürtzel and Davidt both at Eberfingen. Löw Jew Baroch`s son, Jäckhlin Jew Lehmann`s son-in-law, and Salomann Menckhin`s son-in-law, all three at Horheim. Isaac Jew and Judele Weihl Isaac`s son both Jews at Endermettingen. Benedict and Jonas both Jews at Ofteringen. Joseph Jew, also a resident at Ofteringen, has absconded under the cover of darkness soon after Easter 1680. Samuel and Meyer both Jews at Unterlauchringen.
- The Jews in Tiengen are due to pay 20 fl.
- On 04.10.1680, Jew Veit Weihl`s brother "von der Hofwüs" has been fined for verbal injuries and not appearing before court.
- Jew Schmulin was fined for doing business on Sunday. Jew Jäckhlin of Horheim was fined for buying stolen cloths (dress).
- Jew Lew Jonas` son is fined 6 fl. for buing a polecat (probably shot by a poacher). Simon Prackh, sheriff at Eberfingen, is fined for beating Veit Weil Jew at Hofwies.

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