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Abstracted from 61/12674: Proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1694-1697.

1685-06-10Jekhoff Calmelins Sohn, cession of a claim, with involvement of his brother Joseph.
- Jossel, horse trade matter and penalty.
1694-01-02Jäckhoff Gugenheimb and his wife complain that their brother and brother-in-law, respectively, Joseph has broken into their house and stolen food. It is also mentioned that Joseph has traded for a year but did not pay protection fee. Defendant is to refund the stolen food and is sentenced 10 pounds penalty for burglary plus 18 florins protection fee for a year.
1694-01-14The heirs of Jew Menckhin are to be paid.
- Mausche Jew Menggen´s son, bull trade.
1694-01-19Jäckhly Mayr Jew (loss of text).
1694-01-22Schmuli Gugenum, claim.
1694-02-01Model, transfer of a claim.
1694-02-03Meyer Pickhert, small claim.
1694-02-12Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn and Isaac Pikard are fined for riot in front of the courthouse.
1694-02-19Leib, deposited cattle.
- Claims by Leib, Model and (on the margin: Joseph) Salmelins Sohn.
1694-02-25Model is to refund some expenses.
1694-02-26Mutual account between the administrator of the mine and Ephrem Weyl Jew in Donaueschingen.
1694-03-02Leib, mutual account.
1694-03-04Jekhoff and Joseph brothers Jew Calmelin´s Sohn (sic) owe 18 florins for a horse.
1694-03-10Lemble Jew acknowledges payment.
1694-03-26Marum Sandels Sohn acquires a claim of 180 fl. for 120 fl.
- Sandl claims 1106 florins which are secured on a piece of real estate (the Angst garden).
1694-04-22Isaac Bickhardt Jew, claim.
1694-04-26Jacob Meyer, Jew in Eberfingen, confirms a debt.
- Elias Meyer of Eberfingen, calf trade.
1694-04-27Elias Meyer of Eberfingen has delivered grain.
1694-05-11Leib Jew buys a piece of grassland below his house.
1694-05-14Jew Sandlen of Stühlingen pays 32 fl. to lease the trespassing fees from the Jews of Tiengen and Unterlauchringen.
- Jeckhoff Jew is to satisfy three claims.
1694-07-09Elias Meyer of Eberfingen, horse trade.
1694-07-16Jew Jossel(en), horse trade.
1694-08-13Meyer Bikhardt, claim.
1694-09-06Mayer Bickard is fined for beating the boy of Seeligmann (Smuhler?).
1694-09-09Joseph Callmelins Sohn is fined.
1694-11-05Model is sued for payment of 42 fl. and cedes a claim to Sandel.
1694-12-11Leib, agreement about a claim.
1694-12-13Marum Weil Sandel Sohn claims 580 florins after a mutual account had been made up.
1694-12-17Leib, horse trade matter.
- Jackhoff is to pay 60 fl. for cattle.
- Josel, horse trade matter.
1695-01-13Baruch on Endingen in the Margraviate of Baden (sic) renews his trespassing ticket.
1695-01-14Isaac Bikhard claims 40 fl.
1695-02-04Jekhoff, claim.
1695-02-18Jossel Jew, horse trade quarrel.
1695-02-23Jeckhoff Calmelis Sohn is to pay.
1695-02-25Mausche is to pay a debt.
1695-03-04Jossel Marums Sohn bought some fields for 68 fl.
1695-03-06Some neighbours have found a borderstone in the garden of Judes Jew Mayer Lehemanns Sohn and claim part of the garden. The Jew says that he and his ancestors (Voreltern) have owned the garden undisputedly. Considering this, the Jew may keep the garden, and the neighbours are fined for digging up the stone.
1695-03-16Several Jews acknowledge payment of debts by Hanns Grießer of Mauchen, namely Lew some 90 fl. Abraham 7 fl. Jakheli Meyer 6 fl. Jonas Marums Sohn 50 fl. Lemle and Jakhele Bikhart 184 fl. Calmeli´s heirs 50 fl Sandel 0 fl.
1695-03-17Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn buys a claim of 130 fl.
1695-03-22Same claims 100 fl.
1695-04-06Jonas Marum Sohn had to have a purchased horse killed because it was useless.
1695-04-11Schmuli Seeligmanns Sohn, claim.
1695-04-12Lew alias Leub, claim.
1695-04-21Sandel, deposited cattle.
1695-04-26Jüdel Moreth in Untereggingen has unlawfully sold a horse in Switzerland.
1695-05-13Jew Leib, mutual account.
1695-05-17Jew Salomon of Horheim leases the customs earnings, except the trespassing fees which go to Jew Sandel.
1695-05-30Joseph Jew, horse trade quarrel.
1695-05-31Leib Jew, several claims.
- Same, deposited cattle.
1695-06-06Sandel, horse trade matter.
1695-06-11Sandel declares he lost a lot of money by leasing the trespassing fees. The contract is renewed for only 20 florins per year.
1695-06-22Judele Weyll of Untereggingen sells a horse.
- Same cedes a claim.
- Leib loans money to two peasants.
1695-07-08Jonas Marums Sohn and Hirtzel, both in Eberfingen, acknowledge payment.
1695-07-11Jonas Marums Sohn for himself and all the Marum, heirs cession or satisfaction of a claim.
1695-08-12Jekhle Jew is fined for letting a blind horse run unattended.
1695-09-19Meyer Blockh Menggens Sohn has failed to pay.
1695-09-30Schmuli Seeligmann is fined for calling another man a lyer.
- Jossel is sued after a horse trade.
1695-10-21Jossel cannot pay.
- Meyer Pickhert is fined for using a forged coin.
1695-11-03Sandel sells a field.
1695-11-19Meyer Pickhert, claim and receipt.
1695-12-29Meyer and Mauschi Bloch brothers in Stühlingen have ceded some capitals to their sister Beyhle and her husband in Alsace. The brothers make agreements with the debtors.
- Abrahamb has purchased a claim for 35 fl.
1696-01-19Sandel acknowledges payment.
1696-02-03Joseph Jud Callmelins Sohn, cession of a claim.
1696-02-08David Mayer of Eberfingen, cow and sheep trade matter.
1696-02-14Joseph Jud Callmelis Sohn acknowledges payment.
- Two men of Horheim have attacked a poor Polish Jew who teaches the children of Salomon Jew in Horheim.
1696-02-28Salomon Jud Sandels Sohn, brawl.
1696-03-15The heirs of Marum are to pay back a debt in order to redeem a warrantor.
- A claim has been transferred from Model to Sandel and has now been paid.
1696-03-30Leib Jew, claim.
1696-04-06Elias in Eberfingen, claim.
1696-06-15Hürtzel of Eberfingen claims 150 fl. and is fined for attacking the debtor.
1696-06-19David in Eberfingen is sued after a horse trade.
1696-06-25Jossel and Mausche are sued for payment but prove that the claim was transferred to another man.
1696-07-05Abraham, cession of a claim.
1696-08-21The following are fined for slander, noise and brawl: Mayerlin´s wife, Mauschin´s wife, Mausche, and Schmuli.
1696-11-06Compensation of claims by Jonas Gugenheimb and his mother, Marum´s widow.
1696-11-13Claims to Meyer Bloch, Moyses Menckhins Sohn, Isaac Bickhert, Joseph Guggenheimb, and Meyer Pickhert.
- Eva, the wife of Jäckhoff, assisted by Jew Sandel, has promised sheriff Geörg Mallzacher of Obermettingen 36 fl. compensation as a refund for claims which he lost at her husband´s bankruptcy.
1696-11-20Marum Jud Sandels Sohn acknowledges payment.
1696-11-28Marum Juden Sandels Sohn, mutual account.
- Marum´s widow, claim.
1696-12-07Ephrem of Donaueschingen had passed through the dominion with a carload of merchandize when coming from the Zurzach market without paying customs. He was arrested when he came to Stühlingen in order to attend the wedding of his brother Lemblin´s daughter. The penalty of 24 florins was forgiven as it turned out that many of the items were not subject to customs.
1696-12-14Sandel buys an indebted farm for 220 florins.
1697-01-07Abraham acknowledges payment.
1697-01-10The following Jews were fined for injuries: 1. Jossel from here and Samuel from Donaueschingen for quarrels about a Polish horse. 2. Jossel´s brother Abraham for participation. 3. His brother-in-law Model for getting involved, and he complained that many invectives were ejected against his brother Ephraim of Donaueschingen all day, whereas his son Moyses 4. charged Samuel with many crimes, as the father confirmed at the office today, whereas 5. Samuel tossed as glass of wine after him which hit his face. Samuel denies such, but it is certain that he was hit. 6. Hereupon a quarrel came up between Sandel and Model, with verbal injuries, and 7. Sandel´s son Marum mingled into this and tossed a jar of wine towards the body of Model who claims it has hit his chest which is still aching. Marum contradicts this. Model started to defend against Sandel, upon which 8. Jew Marum of Untereggingen held him back and pressed him on a bench. This is the event of the matter. At today´s interrogation of witnesses, 9. Model has accused Sandel of being a thief and having stolen 100 Dukaten from him, having issued a bond to Jew Liebermann in Heidelberg who now lives in Breisach, and he raises his children in theft. Model, Samuel, Sandel, Marum Sandels Sohn, and Marum of Untereggingen were then fined between 3 and 12 pounds.
1697-01-14Salomon Jäckhlins Sohn is sued for payment.
1697-01-18Again this matter.
- Marum, annulment of a contract.
1697-01-22Marum Sandels Sohn, claim.
1697-02-04Two horse boys are find for beating trespassing Jews.
1697-02-08Salomon of Horheim gets a reduction of the trespassing lease fees to 10 florins.
1697-03-04Jäckhoff claims payment for a bull.
1697-03-15Joseph Juden Calmelins Sohn is sued for payment.
1697-03-29Jossel here is in a business society with Samuel Jew (on the margin: Samuel Uhlmann) of Tiengen. They brought two horses into town which were confiscated for customs defraud. The horses are now given back at the condition that Jossel goes bail for 50 florins and Mausche Jew goes bail for another 50 florins.
1697-04-19Leib Jew, mutual account.
- Veit Jew Leib´s son loans out 60 florins.
- Jossel is to pay 58 fl. for a horse.
1697-04-26Leib, agreement about interest from a mortgage.
- Meyer Pickhert, same.
1697-05-10Jossel is to be arrested in the tower for offending the official messenger. This is turned into a fine of 3 pounds.
1697-05-24The administrator (Komtur) of Beuggen has sued Jew for refund of payment after a horse fell down soon after purchase (a long matter, the name of the Jew is to be looked up yet).
1699-10-10Mausche Mayer got into a quarrel about a debt with Leib in the synagogue and beat him bloody. Leib´s wife is fined for beating Mausche in the Synagogue.

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