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Abstracted from 61/14184: Mortgage proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1738-1750.

1738-03-06Salomon Weyl Älterer, mutual accounts.
1738-08-19Marx Bloch, currently in Horheim, with reference to the proceedings of 19.02.1734.
1738-10-15Salamon Weyl Älterer, claims.
- Agreement with Jonas and Faistel Gugenheimb about a claim originating from Leib Gugenheimb, with reference to 09.06.1722 and 21.01.1729.
1738-11-13Faistel Gugenheimb, mutual account.
1738-11-20Schmuli Weyl, claim.
1738-11-28Salomon Weyl Marums Sohn claims 276 fl.
1738-12-05Schmuli Weyl, claims.
1739-01-30Faistel Gugenheimb declares himself liable for a claim.
1739-02-27Schmuli Weyl, transfer of a claim.
1740-02-10Sirs Speisegger and Ott zum Otten in Schaffhausen declared they are willing to give further credit to Schmuli Weyl if he secured his current and further debts by a morgage. Hereupon they supply him 300 fl. cash and merchandize worth 600 fl. He sets his half house and all his property as a pawn. His wife Mehrle Gugenheimb agrees and sets her dowry as pawn, too.
1740-05-17Appears Georg Hegele from Mauchen with his creditors Faistel Gugenheimb, Marum Weyl Sandels Sohn (the latter one representing his son Salamon Weyl Jünger), Jonas Gugenheimb, Schmuli Weyl and Matheus Willmann, and says it is hard for him to raise all those payments of interest after the liquidation of Jewish claims, and he would prefer that all debts are being united at one creditor. All other creditors ceded their claims (with details) to Schmuli Weyl. The total claim runs up to 359 fl. now, and debtor sets several pieces of real estate as a pawn.
1740-05-25Schmuli Weyl cedes this claim to Counsellour Sir Franz Anton de Michaeli.
1740-09-24Mayer Bloch here, mutual account.
- Sir Senator and Holzherr Sailler?? of Schaffhausen and his fellow claim 138 fl. for merchandize from Schmuli Weyl who can neither pay nor present security.
1740-12-19Adam Hägele and his son Joseph Hägele, both of Mauchen, take a mortgage in order to pay back a debt of 64 fl. once due to Mencke Bernheim of Tiengen, but traded on to local Jew Faistel Gugenheim.
1741-01-25Sebastian Maister of Horheim takes a mortgage of 100 fl. so he can pay back a debt to Lehemann Weyl Juden Dickhers Sohn.
1741-03-07A claim of 120 fl. by Faistel Gugenheimb to Maria Ulmer, widow of Jacob Ruff in Mauchen, had been transferred to the Schwaningen parish fund and is now being converted into a mortgage.
1741-03-21Eva Griesser, the wife of Jerg Krommer in Mauchen, owes Schmuli Weyl 50 fl. and sets her house, barn, stable and gardens as a pawn.
1741-04-14Johannes Reebmann, peddlar in Mauchen, has obtained a mortgage of 206 fl. from Schmuli Weyl in order to buy a field.
1741-10-23Meyer Bloch here (hard to read).
1741-10-24Meyer Bloch after a horse trade.
1743-02-12Lorentz Gintert of Untereggingen has loaned 400 fl. from the Untermettingen parish fund in order to pay back such an amount owed to Marumb Weyl for the purchase of a farm.
1743-03-04Frantz Joseph Mayer, shoemaker in Stühlingen, has bought a house with a Baulege and a share of barn, stable and Baulege above the house of the town chaplain plus a vegetable garden "bei der untern Farb" between Lehmann Bickhert and Caspar Ritz, for 700 fl. from Faistel Gugenheimb. Buyer still owes 500 fl. (subject to interest) to seller who is just moving to Hechingen, and sets this house plus barn, stable, Baulege and vegetable garden as a pawn until the price will be completely paid.
- Joseph Stadler Jung, tailor in Stühlingen, has bought a house, Baulege and vegetable garden for 315 fl. from Mayer Gugenheim who is just moving away from here, and still owes 200 fl. to be paid by four annual installments. Purchaser sets this house, Baulege and garden as a pawn for complete payment.
1743-04-19Sylvester Bamas, mason in Stühlingen, has bought a house with half a barn, stable, basement, Baulege and yard for 275 fl. from Marx Mayer Eliasen Sohn and paid 150 fl. As seller is to move elsewhere (und weilen nun der Verkäufer anderstwohin ziehen muß), buyer sets the object as a pawn until the remaining 125 fl. have been paid.
1745-01-04Jacob Günthert of Eberfingen gets a credit of 25 fl. from the Untermettingen parish fund in order to pay his debts to a Jew/the Jews.
1745-11-29Joseph Stadler, tailor in Stühlingen, and his wife Christina Würth have borrowed 130 fl. from Counsellour and Bailiff Tit. Ignaz Ulrich Meris von Hausen in order to pay the house purchase price to Jew Mayer Gugenheimb.

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