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Abstracted from 61/14183: Mortgage proceedings of Stühlingen district, 1727-1738.

1727-05-16Claim by Leib Gugenheimb upon the proceedings of 18.12.1711, and another claim.
- Jossel Gugenheimb admits a debt of 50 fl.
1727-12-02Feistel Gugenheimb, account.
1727-12-12Leb Jew.
1727-12-19Salomon Weyl, claim.
1727-12-23Leib Jew.
1728-01-13Jonas Gugenheimb (twice).
1728-01-15The Jewish community takes a credit to pay its duties.
1728-02-27Jonas Gugenheimb has taken over a claim from his father Leib as a part of his dowry.
1728-04-09Marumb Weyl (twice).
1729-01-12Mencke Bernheimb of Tiengen.
1729-01-21Meyer Bernheimb of Tiengen.
1729-02-04Meyer Bloch junior.
1729-05-03Jonas Gugenheimb represents his father Leib Gugenheimb.
1729-06-21David Jew the singer, claim.
1729-07-08Marumb Weyl of Donaueschingen has bought a house in Stühlingen 1.5 years ago.
1729-10-11Salomon Weyl Marum´s son has obtained a claim as part of his dowry from his father Marumb Weyl.
1729-11-18Leib Gugenheimb has sent his sister´s daughter Beyrle, native of near ("bey") Baden in Switzerland, 100 florins as she is going to marry in Rapperschwier in Alsace.
1729-12-17Meyer Gugenheimb.
1730-04-21Marumb Weyl Sandel´s son, receipt.
1730-09-22Marumb Weyl Samuel´s son, protected Jew in Stühlingen and Donaueschingen.
1730-12-05Feistel Gugenheimb Leib Gugenheimb´s son.
- Salomon Weyl has obtained a claim of 121 fl. as part of the dowry from his father Marumb Weyl. Marginal note: Salomon Weyl protected Jew and Sandel´s son´s of Marum (Sandels-Sohns des Marumb).
1730-12-15Marumb Weyl Sandel´s son.
1730-12-20Same man again.
1731-03-09Feistel Gugenheimb takes a mortgage to buy the house of Schmuly Weyl.
1731-04-29Jonas Weyl.
1731-05-29Meyer Bernheimb of Tiengen (three entries).
1731-06-16Salomon Weyl old Marumb´s son (des alten Marumben Sohn). Marginal note: Salomon Weyl young.
1731-10-12Salomon Weyl "Marumben-Sandels Sohn allhier", on the margin: Salomon Weyl Sandels Marumben Sohn.
1731-10-26Mencke Bernheimb of Tiengen, creditor.
1732-02-29Meyer Bloch here.
1732-03-26Isacc Bickert here appears with Marumb Weyl Sandel´s son and declares that he (probably M. W.) is to endow his daughter Sara, and the deposited dowry of 200 florins would be lost unless additional 35 florins are deposited today. His (whose?) wife Sprins Bloch, assisted by her brother-in-law Mencke Bloch, sets her property as a security.
1732-11-02Marumb Weyl Sandel´s son has ceded a claim to his son Salomon Weyl.
1733-01-23A claim of 1721 by Marumb Weyl was partially passed over to Jonas Gugenheimb, partially to the son Salomon Weyl.
1733-02-26Marumb Weyl Samuel´s son (on the margin: Marumb Weyl, then underlined, meaning crossed out: Sandels Sohn, replaced by "sage" (correctly) Samuels Sohn Ticker).
1733-07-14Marumb Weyl Ticker.
1733-10-08Lehemann Weyl Ticker´s son.
1734-02-19Marx Bloch.
1734-03-11Marumb Weyl Samuel´s son (on the margin: Marumb Weyl Ticker).
1734-12-21Salomon Weyl the older is to endow a daughter.
1735-05-07Leman Weyl Dicker´s son.
1735-10-19Manes Bloch.
1736-03-13According to a probate record of 7 Sep. 1735, Jonas Gugenheimb has obtained claims out of the Leib Gugenheimb estate (several entries of this type, but no other heirs are mentioned).
1736-06-12Salomon Weyhl has inherited several claims out of the estate of his father-in-law Leib Gugenheimb upon the probate record of 7 Sep. 1735.
1736-06-13Jonas Weyl, mutual account.
- Joseph Gugenheimb in Randegg, mutual account.
1736-06-21Jonas and Faissel Gugenheimb, creditors at half shares.
1736-07-15Mannes Bloch.
1737-11-27Moyses Weyl represents his father Marumb Weyl Dickher.
1737-12-10Salomon Weyl Marumb´s son; a claim of his father was registered on 1 Apr. 1729.
1738-06-04Feistel and Jonas Gugenheimb as the Leib Gugenheimb heirs.
1738-07-30Salomon Aurbacher in Tiengen.
- Mayer Bernheimb in Tiengen.
- End of this volume.

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