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Abstracted from 61/12885: Landgräflich Sulzisches Verhör- und Amtsprotokoll (Tiengen) 1600-1604 .

1600-04-27Jacob Jew sues Georg Schneider of Geislingen for payment of 25 fl.
- Bartholome Heintzman, blacksmith of Wutöschingen, sues Jacob Jew for verbal injuries (very hard to read, with mention of Jacob´s servant).
- Jacob Jew sues senator Stoffel Schmidt of Tiengen for the payment of a debt.
1601-05-16Adam Sauter of Küsnach owes 8 fl. to Jacob Jew of Baldingen.
- Jacob Jew claims 16 fl. from the heirs of Rudi (illegible) in Dangstetten.
1601-06-08Schmol Jew of Baldingen sues Jung Hanns Wagenmann in Küsnach for payment of a debt originating from (hard to read, see the copy) Hirtzen Erben.
1601-10-31Adam Sauter of Küsnach promises to pay owed 7 fl. to Jew Schmol Jew of Baldingen in Baden County.
1602-01-24Schmol Jew from Unterbaldingen representing the children of late Hirz Jew sues Adam Sauter of Küsnach for not paying him.
1602-03-14Jacob Jew sues the heirs of Rudi Gantz in Dangstetten.
- Schmoll Jew representing the children of Herz Jew against Adam Sauter in Küsnach.
- Jacob Jew sues baker Hans Jacob Leo of Tiengen for payment.
1604-02-14Lawsuit between Laux Ehrensperger of Wutöschingen and Meyer Jew of Stühlingen for verbal injuries.

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